Holidays with Conductive Education in HUNGARY


from 23rd - 29th August 2018 (6 nights) PEAK SEASON
from 1st – 8th September (7 nights) HIGH SEASON
from 15th – 22nd September (7 nights) HIGH SEASON
Special rooms for wheelchair users are available only in these periods

Hotel: 4 star *** hotel (even with full board)

(for the following medical diagnosis: all kinds of Cerebral Palsy, people suffering from stroke)
The sessions will take place in the hotel, running by experienced conductors.
5 days during your stay
Duration of the session: 4 hours / day
Minimum number of participants: 3
No. of participants in each C.E. groups 3
(C.E. sessions has to be booked in advance, and will be held only in case of minimum 3 participants)


The MEDICAL THERAPY CURES of the hotel can include:
Medicinal treatments
o Medicinal mud treatment, massage
o Movement therapy
o Therapeutic gymnastics.
o Hydrotherapy
o Underwater water jet massage
o Carbonated medicinal bath.
o Galvanic current treatment
o Stable Galvanic treatment.
o Hydro Galvanic treatments.
o Iontophoresis
o Treatment with stimulus current.
o Selective stimulus current.
o Diadynamic current.
o Interference current treatments.
o Ultrasound treatment.
Other medicinal services
o Whirlpool bath.
o Chryotherapy
o Inhalation treatment.
o Light therapy treatment
o UV “A” light treatment.
o Bioptronic, polarised light treatment
o Magnesium field treatment
o Salt therapy.
o Special treatment packages
o skin therapies
o Post-stroke rehabilitation
o Health in movement
o Post-accident treatment
o Programme package recommended for Osteoporosis

Please contact our administrative department for more information, details and prices of MOIRA CE SESSIONS. You will be welcome!

MOIRA Conductive Education Centre
H-1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152, Hungary
+36 1 250 2477, +36-20-661-6814