Net Advice

Sometimes it happens the parents cannot bring their children for assessment, or there is no possibility to attend any C.E. sessions even if the child would need it.

Net Advice is the system which can be used for giving advice for the parents.

You need only Skype with net camera in your home. Through the net the conductor can get an overall picture about the child. The conductor can ask the parents to do certain activities with their children while the conductor can observe the child.
Based on this net observation the conductor can give answer for the parents regarding to the most important question:

  • Whether Conductive Education is the best and suitable teaching method for the child, or the child would need another teaching method (like special education…)
  • Based on the net observation the conductor also can make suggestions how to apply the basic elements of C.E. with their children in their everyday life.

For further details please do contact the MOIRA Centre.

MOIRA Conductive Education Centre
H-2030. Érd, Gyöngyvirág str. 56. Hungary